The odds that a project will achieve its business intent goes up 50% when using strategic thinking principles.

- CEO PMI Institute Annual Report 2014

Our Mission

We inspire leaders and professionals to use natural principles of strategic thinking to help ordinary people do extraordinary things.

Our Strategy

We focus on strategic thinking, a narrow but important niche of the leadership development market that is usually neglected but widely recognized as critical. We help:

  1. Business Leaders understand and create strategic leverage, improve planning, optimize decisions, and manage risk to grow business.
  2. Learning Professionals build four competencies: strategic thinking, strategy execution, decision-making, and risk management. 
  3. HR, Financial, Sales and Other Professionals become strategic business partners. 

How We Work

  1. We conduct 1, 2, or 3-day workshops on Strategic Thinking, Decision-Making, Risk and Uncertainty, Metrics and Analytics.
  2. We facilitate strategic planning sessions.
  3. We conduct OD work to create a strategic thinking culture throughout the organization.
  4. We analyze big data sets and conduct ROI analysis.