Strategic thinking is 2x's more important than communication - 10x's more important than innovation.

- Harvard Business Review Feb '14

Past Projects

  • We set up a series of workshops to help HR professionals in a large Fortune 100 company be much stronger strategic partners. The workshops increased strategic behavior of the HR professionals by 30%. 
  • Our 2-day workshop was included in the open enrollment series of workshops for a Fortune 500 company. Every session averaged feedback scores over a three-year period of 4.7 out of 5.0. It was consistently one of the highest ranked workshops. 
  • A bio-tech research company asked us to help their scientists understand the demands of business and orient them to the company's market strategy. They increased the likelihood of strategic behavior by individual scientists and engineers by 84%. 
  • An energy company engaged us to work with their High Potential Leaders to prepare them to participate in the strategic planning process at board level. We continue to work with high potential candidates to prepare them for specific assignments in the company. 
  • An oil company hired us to work with their Project Managers to increase the alignment of their projects to the strategic direction of the company. The success rate of their projects hitting their business intent went from 48% to 71%. 
  • A distribution company (independently owned) used us to begin their strategic planning session with our 1-day workshop and then facilitate a planning session to help them through a challenging problem that was threatening their business model. They experienced significant growth (24%+) the following year, reversing a negative five-year trend. 
  • In an intellectual property dispute, a Fortune 500 company asked us to analyze some sales and marketing data to determine the loss of value from the infringement. We served as an expert witness in the case and the judgement was in our client's favor.