Expect the unexpected ... be the unexpected." 

In 1979, when Lynda Barry was offered the opportunity to publish her comic strips along with her friend, Matt Groening, she considered it a stroke of pure luck. However, her successful comic strips, books and plays are evidence that "luck favors the prepared." She described her success as a process of "expecting the unexpected, and where possible, to be the unexpected." 

Strategy is often criticized because change is happening so fast it is impossible to anticipate the future. "The world is changing too fast for a strategy to be effective," - or so the thinking goes. Maybe that is why strategic thinking has become so rare. HBR reported that 82% of organizations consider the lack of a strategy to be a high or moderately high problem in their organization. 

The reality is that nothing great was ever accomplished without a strategy. In a constantly changing market, strategy is the best way to deal with the unexpected. 

And since only a few actually use strategy, it makes strategic thinking itself unexpected.