One-Day Strategic Thinking Workshop

Six Principles of doing Extraordinary Things

Nothing extraordinary was ever accomplished without strategic thinking. Whether you're building a company, leading a project, or trying to stand out in a crowded field, strategic thinking principles are the keys to doing the amazing and remarkable. 

Yet few people actually use them. Most people simply shoot for "adequate" or "good enough." Most are satisfied with average. 

Strategic thinking isn't easy but it is worth it. Earl Hunt found that those who use strategic thinking principles consistently make 3.5 times more than their peers. McKinsey research showed that a strategic culture has 2.3 times higher cash flow per employee. (With smaller companies it is 13 times higher!) And Joel Spolsky found that programmers who are strategic are 5-10 times more productive than their peers.  

The Strategic Thinking Workshop was designed to help business leaders and professionals do extraordinary things.  

In this one-day workshop you will learn to:  

  • Use six principles of strategic thinking everyday

  • See things others miss, seek sources others don't

  • Use design principles to create simple and powerful solutions

  • Build a persuasive business case for your projects

  • Have strategic conversations

  • Facilitate quality decisions even without full information

  • Leverage decisions into elegant action and extraordinary results

  • Ask thought-provoking questions

Each participant will receive a personal Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) profile report from CoreStrengths highlighting individual strategic leverage points.  

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Recommended Participant Level: Mid to senior level business leaders, mid to senior level project managers, mid to senior HR and all financial professionals are invited to attend. 

Materials include: 

  1. Workbook & Cover (refillable)

  2. Electronic soft copies of all tools and worksheets

  3. Team Briefing PowerPoint and Discussion Guide

  4. Personal SDI Profile report - CoreStrengths

Past Participants:

... I was expecting a workshop that was boring. What I got was an new way to approach my own leadership style ...
— - Boeing HR Professional
... as a project manager I found this workshop to be extraordinary. Great facilitator. Great discussions. Thank you!...
— - Chevron Project Manager
...This was one of the most valuable workshops I have taken in the last 5 years...
— - Walmart Executive
... this workshop has presented us with the keys to solve our biggest problems. Thanks!
— - Toyota Executive
... Strategic thinking is the key for our leaders. These principles should be part of the DNA of every department...
— - Tyson Operations
... a lot of the value of this workshop was in the group discussions. I anticipate staying in touch with several of the participants...
— - Samsung Executive

Greg Davidson - President of TNOST

Greg worked with Stephen Covey for 15 years and as managing director for FranklinCovey Europe, Greg guided the organization to an average annual growth rate of 115% over a 5 year period. For the last 8 years he has worked with Boeing, Walmart, and Tyson Foods among others helping them achieve extraordinary results through strategic thinking. Greg’s full bio can be found at: or on linkedin at