The cost for an organization that doesn't align to a strategy is 12 times higher. 

- PMI Pulse 2014

Who We Are

Several years of consulting assignments made it clear that the leverage a company or an individual enjoys is almost always due to how they managed their own talent and that of the organization. The best strategic thinkers are driven by the personalities of their people rather than the market position they hold. Research bore that experience out. And yet strategy conversations seem much more focused on organizing, delegating, and scheduling goals rather than on how to create personal and organizational leverage. 

Greg Davidson founded The Nature of Strategic Thinking in 2007 with the idea that strategy was about creating leverage. Organizing, scheduling, and delegating strategy is the easy superficial part. Real leverage, power, and influence in the market, in the workplace and everywhere else comes by understanding and applying natural strategic thinking principles.  


Greg Davidson is the founder and president of The Nature of Strategic Thinking. Greg’s consulting career includes 15 years of work with Stephen Covey and included senior management positions in the merged FranklinCovey Company. Greg has lived and worked internationally for six years turning FranklinCovey Europe from the least profitable to the most profitable and fastest growing office within FranklinCovey worldwide. 

Before his consulting career, Greg worked as an analyst doing research at First Interstate Bank and Space Dynamics Laboratory and worked for 3M in their copier division. He draws from his experience helping run a family-owned boat manufacturing business, Hydroswift. He holds a Master's degree in Econometrics from the University of California, San Diego.

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Steve Waters consults with The Nature of Strategic Thinking on issues of strategy, economics, and statistics. Steve has over 20 years of experience consulting on matters relating to statistical modeling, labor issues, patent infringement, antitrust, environmental contamination, and breach of contract. He has provided strategic and litigation support to fortune 500 companies as well as working with local state, and federal clients. Steve received his PhD in Economics from University of California, San Diego. In additional to his consulting practice, he is teaching economic theory part-time at Brigham Young University. 

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Devan Davidson is the office manager for The Nature of Strategic Thinking. He manages the logistics of the company and has worked with several key clients including Walmart, Tyson Foods, City of Scottsdale, and Boeing. He sets up programs all over the country. Devan holds a BA in Digital Media from Utah Valley University and is responsible for the digital communications of the firm


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