"I have no gift. I am only passionately curious." 

Albert Einstein is widely considered to be one of the greatest personalities of the last century. His influence continues to be felt in science and in modern culture. His achievements in theoretical physics led to his name being synonymous with the word "genius." Yet Einstein considered himself an ordinary person. He didn't have a superior IQ level and nothing in his upbringing would have indicated he was destined to greatness. 


Einstein's confession of not having any "gift" or special talent mirrors what Anders Ericsson found several decades later as he studied extraordinary people known for being "genius." There is no correlation between success and IQ or any other special inborn talent. Simply put, Ericsson found that ordinary people of ordinary intellect and talent are the ones that become extraordinary. He said that the one thing extraordinary people do differently is that they focus their thinking in a specific direction. 

Strategic thinking is about focusing a limited amount of intellect, time, and resources, into a specific direction. That focused effort becomes a lever - a way to amplify results - that enables ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Focused thinking - strategic thinking - is the way to become an "Einstein."